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Toast is the best POS system specifically designed for the restaurant industry. It combines front-of-house features like table mapping. And real-time feedback collection with back-of-house features like kitchen displays and ingredient-level inventory tracking. Toast POS has built-in payment processing and starts. At under $80 per month, making it the simplest POS system for bars and restaurants. The monthly cost of Toast POS’ core software is $79 per register. Which is slightly above the typical price of point-of-sale systems. But once you think about add-on features and installation, you’re watching a way higher tag.

Installation starts at $499. Add-on features range from $25 to $50 per feature, per month. This is often much more expensive than Square POS or ShopKeep, both of which might be used for little restaurants. Like most best POS system, Toast POS includes internal control, reporting, staff management. And customer profiles, but it also offers time tracking, menu management, and other niche features for those within the food industry.

Toast Inventory Management

Add-on features, like loyalty, gift cards, and online ordering, are available at another cost. Another bonus with best POS system is that it can still operate if it goes offline, including payments, like Square POS. In Toast POS, you’ll track inventory right down to the ingredient level, which is useful for restaurants and bars that require to understand where they substitute maraschino cherries and for keeping tabs on pours. 

The soles another point-of-sale system that comes on the brink of this type of internal control is ShopKeep. However, in Toast POS, you get a food cost calculator and a recipe costing tool, which is uncommon tools, even among another restaurant best POS system. Its must-have feature for any restaurant is menu management, and Toast POS includes an easy-to-use one. Create the categories you would like, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then add subcategories, like appetizers, salads, and so on. 

Toast Inventory Management

Within those best POS system, you’ll be ready to add the menu items, which you’ll price consistent with the recipe costing tool you employ within the inventory tool. There also are easy modifiers, so a customer can customize a sandwich, pizza, or the other menu item that permits for choices. Although Lightspeed Retail includes excellent reporting options, Toast POS provides restaurant-specific reporting. Sales and labor reports are standard for any POS system, but Toast POS also allows you to run reports on tips, total guests, table turn time, and more.

Want to understand what percentage covers an employee served? you’ll get that from Toast POS. Toast POS may be a mostly complete POS solution for any restaurant, but if you’ve got the monthly cash to urge the add-on features, you’ll get even more out of this POS software. Online best POS system allows you to simply accept orders from your own website (no third-party commissions to pay), and your establishment can handle pick-ups and delivery itself.


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