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Real time marketing has been one of the foremost lucrative advantages of marketing. LeadSift reports that 60% of marketers say they struggle with personalizing content in real-time. Yet 77% of marketers recognize how crucial personalization is within the modern marketing landscape. What’s more, the advantages of real-time marketing are clear, resulting in a 16% lift in customer sentiment. 14% lift in purchase intent, an 18% lift in interest, the likelihood that a customer will recommend a business to others. And high consideration.

Ultimately, LeadSift’s data reveals that buyers are “22% more likely to think about a brand as a result of real-time marketing.” Hubspot also reveals some distinct advantages of personalized content, including increased conversions, reduced emails to prospects leading to more customers, cultivating a fanatical audience, improved lead nurturing, boosting sales call effectiveness, enhancing the freshness of a company’s website, and more. 

Real-Time Marketing Information 

As Rick Whittington explains in a piece of writing for Business2Community, “Done correctly, Real time marketing  ensures that you simply are always serving relevant and timely content to your website visitors, and it can make your website visitors desire your entire website experience has been crafted specifically for them.” That level of personalized attention makes any prospect feel valued, and valued consumers are much more likely to develop brand loyalty than those that desire they’re simply another lead. For more information about real-time marketing, visit our blog.

For your convenience, we’ve linked to 3 of our most up-to-date real-time marketing posts below: Organizations utilize Big Data and customer analytics software to find out about customer behavior. With customer behavior analytics, Real time marketing companies are ready to make data-driven decisions because they need an individual-level view of their customers. When organizations know exactly what customers want, what they are doing, and the way they’ll act within the future.

Advantages of Customer Behavior Analytics

They’re during a better position to make personalized customer experiences and increase customer loyalty. McKinsey found that fifty of Real time marketing companies making use of customer behavior analytics are likely to possess sales significantly above their competitors, 6.5 times more likely to retain customers, and 7.4 times more likely to outperform competitors in making sales to existing customers. Overall, organizations that correctly utilize customer behavior analytics are 19 times more likely to realize above-average profitability. Real time marketing AI-powered CDP is that the customer experience management solution that zeroes in on customer behavior to enable organizations to form the proper offers to the proper customers at the proper time.


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