Your Sales Returns With The Most Versatile POS System

Top POS systems

Other features include the power to figure offline, deliver digital receipts, connect with accounting POS software, implement discounts. And loyalty programs, and perform some customer and inventory management functions. However, eHopper can only operate one register, and you’ll need to pay a monthly fee for merchant services. E-commerce integration, and employee management functions. Vend may be a good option for very small businesses. Because it can support one register, 10 products, and up to 1,000 customers monthly.

The Vend POS is cloud-based and offers the subsequent features: customer, employee and inventory management. Sales analyses, digital receipt delivery, and therefore the ability to integrate with Shopify Square. And PayPal for merchant services, also as Xero for bookkeeping. Vend’s free POS software is sweet for little business owners. Who may only sell once in a while, like a weekly farmer’s market. Vend also offers risk-free 30-day trials so you’ll see how the software works for your business. 


UniCenta was created in 2010 as a hobby project. But has grown to become of the foremost widely used open-source POS software available. With 100 million downloads in 150 countries. Among the long list of features, uniCenta offers to include inventory, employee. And customer management, detailed sales analyses, and barcode scanning. UniCenta also provides customized interfaces for restaurants. And retailers and therefore the ability to work in multiple languages and accept different currencies. Vend’s paid POS software starts at $69 per month.

Because uniCenta is open-sourced, new features are added all the time. It also works with most POS hardware. If you fall crazy with uniCenta, there are paid plans that provide even more functionality. Another open source POS software option is Floreant. The software was created to assist Denny’s restaurant in Oneonta. New York, upgrade its system in 2008, and it’s been downloaded over 122,000 times.


Floreant can handle a spread of basic POS software tasks, like inventory and employee management, sales reports, and mobile access. There’s also an abundance of foodservice features, like table and menu management, tip adjustments, kitchen printer connection, and bar tab generation. While Floreant is free, there’s a charge for fixing the system and providing support. As you’ll see, there are many various sorts of free POS software that will handle many various functions.

Here are a couple of things to think about to assist you to discover the proper software for your business: what percentage registers does one operate? Most free POS software will only operate a limited number of POS pieces of hardware. What percentage of products does one sell each month? And the way many purchasers do one sell to? You’ll likely face product and customer caps with free POS. The answers to those questions will point you within the direction of the POS system that’s best for you. 


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