Using PPC Advertising for Your Small Business


The PPC advertising pays for traffic supported a proportion of revenue earned. As an example, if you advertise on, you’ll pay 20% on sales generated from’s traffic. If no conversions or transactions occur, you won’t pay. The strength is that you simply buy performance. The downside is that because performance is difficult to trace through the right attribution models. This sort of advertising model is sort of rare. The most weakness is. That you simply pay an equivalent amount for user-installs that yield both high and low long-term user value.

Here is an example of a mobile ad from HotelTonight, an app that helps consumers book hotel rooms at the eleventh hour. These ads are targeted to Facebook newsfeeds. Cost per view may be a rate structure for video advertising, you pay per number of views to your video ad. Structured entirely for PPC advertising video-based advertising. You’ll prefer to have ads autoplay or for users to click “play.”

Key Concepts of PPC

You can very easily find the PPC advertising videos and users through massive distribution networks like Google/YouTube. You’re paying for views, not conversions. So CPV has all equivalent weaknesses as CPM ads. It’s easy to exceed your budget if the traffic doesn’t convert. Here is a billboard for a television program before a YouTube video which will teach you ways to bop during a club: Your paid channel advertising campaigns are only as strong as your overarching strategy. Here are some important concepts that you simply should know before you go searching for advertising opportunities: 

These are features that allow you to pace how ads are shown throughout the day. you’ll specify that ads are shown during certain hours of the day only. Market to your existing audience. If you’re an e-commerce company, you’ll show them products they’ve already expressed interest in buying. You’ll remarket to users through a spread of platforms including Google’s PPC advertising network and Facebook (more on this subject below). 

Match Types

Here is an example of a billboard that was remarketed to me ppc advertising via Facebook — I’ve been shopping around for the right laptop bag. Target your advertisements to audiences at the country, state, city, or metropolitan area level. Connect with audiences supported their browsing activity/shopping behavior/interests. These are ratings of how well your advertisements align together with your offer/marketing message/landing page. Quality scores are especially important for Google. Higher quality scores may result in lower CPCs (aka – cheaper web traffic). Advertisers are incentivized to point out high-quality ads. Costs per click (CPCs) will frequently decrease with higher ad CTRs.

In online auction models, the very best CPC bidders won’t always win. Targeting capabilities and features typically vary by a billboard network, but these concepts are fairly standard. Keyword match types control which searches or terms initiate your ad. This idea relates to precision. As an example, you’ll use a broad match to point out your ad to a good ppc advertising audience, phrase match to make sure .


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