Set Up Your Customized POS Software


Square is the best free POS software for little businesses. That is just getting started because it’s liberal to use and very easy to line up. Square allows businesses to process payments, manage inventory, and store customer data. There’s also no equipment required and comes with built-in payment processing to start out accepting payments directly. Square POS has no monthly fee to use their service. And provides users with a complimentary magstripe that works with any IOS or Android phone or tablet. Saving users the value of additional equipment purchases.

Square also comes with built-in payment processing so businesses have an all-in-one solution. Square’s standard payment processing rate is 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction, which is competitive. But especially great for businesses that have a coffee average transaction. Square POS software includes basic inventory management like the power to manually add items and adjust stock levels.

Square Features

Square’s standout features include a singular customer directory that automatically remembers customers by their payment method. And a really robust mobile POS software app to manage your business on the go. With Square, you’ll download and use the POS app on multiple devices. Whereas many free POS software restricts you to at least one register. When it involves simple use, Square may be a clear winner. Businesses can access Square from the web site. Or download Square apps on their phones and tablets to start out using directly.

The intuitive system means there’s virtually no learning curve. Check-in from any computer to handle your inventory from anywhere. Retailers can manually adjust stock, add item descriptions, and receive customized daily emails detailing stock levels. However, businesses cannot create purchase orders through Square, scan barcodes. Transfer inventory, or search an in-depth item library as they will with other options on our list.

Square Employee Management

Square’s free POS software includes the power to make employee logins. More advanced features like setting different roles. And permission levels, time tracking, and detailed employee sales. Insights are available for a fee of $5 per month for every employee. If you’ve got a really small staff, this is often a reasonable option. But, if you’ve got many employees, Square’s Employee Management software can easily become expensive. Square’s customer directory automatically sets up a profile for every payment card. And tracks all transactions related to that payment method.

Square stores vital contact information and allows users to message shoppers directly. Through the platform or make notes in customer profiles for future visits. Square’s automatic tracking and data storage may be a unique feature that creates tracking transactions and sending receipts super easy. Square offers a free POS software eCommerce store, a complicated low-cost website option through Weebly. And partners with major eCommerce platforms like Big Commerce and Woo Commerce.


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