Top 5 On Page SEO Techniques That Will Get You Ranked on Google


Okay, with all the hoopla around “how do build more backlinks to your site for better rankings”, people have more or less forgotten the importance of On Page SEO. The thing is, unless and until you’ve got good on-page SEO, the probabilities of you getting top ranks on Google are slim. In fact, one among my sites which has only 2 backlinks, is ranking within the Top 3 for a keyword phrase that has 349 million results! How? Good on-page SEO, that’s how!
So let’s get right into it. I hear you asking – what are the foremost important and essential On Page program Optimization Techniques that you simply need to use if you would like a foothold over your competition right now?
On Page SEO Tip #1: Title Tag
Yes, regardless of what proportion Internet Marketing “gurus” argue that the “title tag” has lost its relevance in Google, I’ve concluded from my testing that Title Tags still play a serious role in getting good rankings. Always include your target keyword in your title tag. Don’t make it appear as if spam, some people include all their target keywords in their title tag. that’s wrong, and appears bad. The title append every page must be unique. Remember, real users will see the title tag first once they look for your site or keyword on Google – so keep it readable!
On Page SEO Tip #2: Meta Description Tag
The most important Meta tag you would like to actually worry about is Meta Description. Google disregards the Meta Keywords tag completely since earlier, webmasters wont to fill them with keywords that were completely irrelevant to their page, but had high traffic potential. Include your main keyword once or twice within the Meta Description tag.
On Page SEO Tip #3: Header Tags
Header Tags can assist you tremendously in your SEO efforts. Header Tags are tags H1-H6 so as of importance – H1 being the foremost important. Header Tags simply tell Google that the text therein tag is vital & the opposite content thereon page is essentially associated with what’s set therein tag. For SEO purposes, the utmost you would like to travel to is H3. Include just one H1 append your page together with your main keyword. Include one or two H2-H3 tags each consisting of your secondary keywords for even better results.
On Page SEO Tip #4: SEO your Content
Content SEO simply involves telling the search engines that certain keywords in your content are more important that the opposite , so it’s favourably on them, thus getting you better rankings for those keywords. How does one do that? Simply bold & underline your target keywords present within the content. A word of warning, don’t overdo it. you do not got to bold & underline all target keywords present within the content, only a couple of . you’ll definitely bold & underline other important areas of content on your webpage that don’t include your target keywords. it isn’t a drag as long as your main keywords are bolded somewhere on the page.


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