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There are many places in and around our city that do wonderful things with specialty coffee los angeles beans (Go Get Em Tigers, PCPLA, Verve, Blue Bottle, Trail’s Cafe). But below, you’ll find seven places that are absolutely the cream of the crop, where you’ll find your favorite barista’s favorite baristas.

Four of them structure the Mt. Rushmore of l specialty coffee los angeles roasters — places that import beans from everywhere the planet then give them that dose of je ne sais quoi that creates them truly exceptional. But we might be doing a disservice if we didn’t also highlight three non-roasters: coffee shops that we consider the absolute best at serving their customers. Whether it’s working with the proper producers, ensuring the water is chemically perfect for every brew, or perfecting the method during a way that fuses art and science together, these spots collectively make the absolute best joe LA has got to offer. From purist to casual, snob to neophyte, these are the places worth a detour on your morning commute.

Started in 2009 as a pop-up shop by architect-trained Yeekai Lim, who partnered up with Na Young Ma shortly after with the opening of Proof Bakery, offering high-quality specialty coffee los angeles and pastries to LA. In 2012, the pair came together to make Cognoscenti in Culver City, and therefore the rest is history.

Cognoscenti is one among the few locally founded and minority-owned specialty coffee los angeles and serving up quality within the Southland. Cognoscenti serves only single-origin espresso and brewed coffees, and exercise a no-dial-in method for espresso for sustainability and repair reasons. Coffee with a conscience may be a far better brew indeed.

Eric Stogsdill began specialty coffee los angeles under his daughter’s name at local LA farmer’s markets in 2009. Customers would come up, press their face into a bag of beans and smell the incredible concoction Eric was (eventually) brewing up. In 2017 a brick-and-mortar dream became a reality in Mar Vista, and since then Alana’s has been serving the community and collecting regulars ever since.

To quote Eric himself, “We’re one-million-percent local. i used to be born in Santa Monica, raised in Mar Vista, this is often 100% local coffee.” The shop reflects Eric’s SoCal vibes to the letter. Alana’s is all about an inviting environment, with integrity for his or her workers, farmers and customers. From a coffee standpoint, Eric is about making coffee a sensory experience, stripping away the industry buzzwords and fostering an emotional attachment to the brew.

Greg Thomas has been creating his own concoction out of his garage and serving it to a get few for 10 years now. It’s one among l. a. best kept secrets, and one that’s likely to remain that way given the supply (or lack thereof).

Their specialty coffee los angeles manager’s philosophy is one centered in art and creativity. They source their beans worldwide, willing to stray faraway from the foremost economical or popular beans to supply new, high-quality experiences for his or her customers. Their choices might make econ majors scratch their heads, but anyone with two taste buds to rub together can tell they haven’t lost the plot.

Ask those that know specialty coffee los angeles , and eventually Jack Benchakul’s name will magically appear. just like the Candyman of coffee, Jack’s taken his supertaster palate and combined it with a love for chemistry to supply customers with one among the highest coffee experiences in town.


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